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10 October 2007

Future techno predictions

Since its appearance, technology has been focused on make our lives easier and more comfortable, however we are getting to a point in which these facilities we are provided are becoming unnecessary or even ridiculous. Nevertheless, whatever adjective which we can say about technology will be totally influenced by our biased and reduced point of view, since to check if a device is useless or practical we cannot give an opinion when it is recently created, but we must observed it trough its life.

According to the techno development, the prospects for lazy people are very good. Technology has just come into our homes. Until now, all the researches seemed to be something really far and exotic for us, something that had nothing to do with our lives. However, nowadays the newest progresses created are thought to be directly applied in a practical way, and Domotic is the name of this technology field which is starting strengthening: HVAC, lighting, security, intercoms…

In the very next years, I think robots will be the best man’s friend since they will help us in all our daily work. Robotics field is starting growing and the expectations of its progress are still incalculable. It isn’t unrealistic thinking about in a comfortable life in which all (and I mean all) our daily work is done by robots. Why can’t be possible? Imagine having all your free time just to do your personal staff. It would be really great, wouldn’t it?

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Se nesesita robotes che lavan la cocina!

por Anonymous Anonymous, at 10/11/2007 5:15 pm  

I have to tell you that I totally disagree with your technological forecast. Let's start with home automation. Almost all parts of this so called "domotic" technology has already been developed for professional purposes at least 5 or 10 years ago. The reason why are smart homes so rare is not undeveloped technology, but price. All you nowadays need for a smart home is mad house owner who is willing to pay a huge amount of money for a bunch of controllers, regulators, computers and lights. Unfortunately there are very few people like this.

Researchers could build many interesting things, but who will be able to buy state of the art technology? Lets take Segway (www.segway.com) for example. Everybody thinks it is fantastic and everybody agrees that it includes newest research results, state of the art technology, best components. Also the whole idea is superb. The only problem is that it costs like small car.

I also disagree that in very next years we are going to see robots in households. Like 10 years ago like today you have a wide selection of robots which can make a tea for you. Almost every robot with 6 DOF (from Epson, Hitachi, ...) can make you also an orange juice. On time, every morning. The only problem is that such a robot can also assemble motors in factory, paint cars and do 1.000.000 more economical justified jobs than make you juice. :-) As a robot owner you have to decide whether you want to use your fancy 30k€ robot for making money or making tea.

Maybe my comment is to long, but I hope you get the whole point. You can't blame research and development for absence of robots and automatics in our homes. The main reason is and it will be (for at least 10-15 years) price and economical justification. Believe me. :-)

por Anonymous Anonymous, at 10/16/2007 10:15 pm  

Nowadays a domotic house is something luxiourious. I agree with you. However, everybody knows that technology get cheaper as years pass. Why not domotic technlogy and robots too? As whatever market product, it will depend on the demand will have.

por Blogger Mari Carmen, at 10/16/2007 10:48 pm  


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