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09 October 2007

Article 1. The Long Tail

In the article it is said that odd music has got more strength than hit music. From my point of view, this situation is actually due to the imposition of the commercial music. If a song becomes into a hit, it doesn’t mean most of people liking this song. Well, it is true that it is going to be listened by many of them, although not because they like it but they are going to be surrounded by it all the time. Promotion is essential for a hit succeeding and is the reason why it exists. The question is: do we really like the song we are forced to listen to? Most of the times the answer is `no´. A song is continuously played since its creator is paying for that and not because of people loving it. That’s why The Long Tail succeeds, since it contains the factual preferences of the listeners.

There is an important controversy according to the payment for downloading songs from the net. Why do we have to pay the same money in this case when there isn’t any physical support either any distribution cost? There are many supporters in one side and another; even there are people who are totally against paying anything at all (like me). Nevertheless, what is true is that Music Business profit is rapidly decreasing so, unless it changes as the way to access to the information are doing, it will be a huge for the musical industry.

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