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09 October 2007

Article 2. Privacy on Facebook

In the article is shown a pilot study which states that people don’t really care about his personal information appearance on the website. We are human beings and with us, the desire of knowing everything about the neighbour is included. So, from my point of view, that’s the reason why Facebook (and other similar spaces) strongly succeeds and why we don’t completely worry about showing our “pieces of life” on the Internet, since we know we’ll enjoy watching others’. It’s a game of sharing. We must recognize that love gossiping and we can’t avoid since it could be said that is included in our genetic code.

However, if something becomes fashionable doesn’t mean that it’s compulsory to use.
Have you got a Facebook?, everybody asks. No, I haven’t. And with this answer people think that I’m weird or something worse. Any problem? Do I have to have it? In reply to this question I always encourage people visiting my wonderful weblog and making me some comments. As I’m very proud of it, I don’t feel the any necessity of having any Facebook.

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