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25 September 2007

Norway trip

This weekend was the turn of the Norwegian Fjords. The trip has been so nice, great, incredible, unforgettable... There´s no words to describe such experience. Even in Spanish I wouldn´t be able to describe it. The glacier was fantastic, it was like the ones you can see in documentaries. I felt like a National Geographic researcher.

The trip was arranged by the University and I went there with Ernesto and three friendly Greek guys: George, Dimitris and Paris. As you can see in the pictures, we really enjoyed ourselves.

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joe, se t va a kitar las ganas d exarle ielo a los cubatas...

x cierto, ve exando fotos xulas para mi proximo calendario.

muac muac

por Anonymous Paco, el hermano q la exa d -, at 9/26/2007 7:38 am  


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