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28 September 2007

The triumph of the Nerds

This film deals with the appearance of computers and its development. It starts narrating how everything begun thanks to a group of people ("the nerds") that were interested in a new knowledge that was emerging in that moment. These people developed the Personal Computer and, consequently, managed to bring near something what, until then, had been complicatedly inaccessible. After that, the next objetive was make the PC useful followed by being utilizable, which was obtained through some friendly software. Finally, it talks about the strong competence between the three kings in the field: Microsoft, IBM and Apple.

It is interesting the way this film, split in three parts, shows you computers´ history. I previously knew something about it since I had seen the film "Pirates of Silicon Valley", which tells the story in a different way. In this case, it is more focused on the competence between companies and the reasons of its existence. From my point of view, the documentary describes the events more objectively than the film does, however, if you want to understand them completely, the film explains better the relations between the main facts in the computers development history.

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