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28 February 2008

Jönköping's meaning

These are the words that I wrote in Ernesto's CD-book that I made for him. I'm sure that not many people will understand what I mean but I love the result:

JÖNKÖPING meant too much for us, something impossible to be written or even recorded. However, in its letters a great summary is hidden:

Jungle’s law: that was how we felt the first days although everything changed as soon as we learned to be wild animals.

Own: the city owns us. We belong to its history and obviously it has an important piece of us.

New: many things we lived there that we have never experienced before.

Key: it’s our future’s key. The way in which we got matured there will lead our very next future.

Owe: because the debt that we made there will be hard to be totally paid. We owe too much to the city.

Party: there’s nothing else to say. The word itself has its own life.

I: this is the match’s shape. Oh! Our loved Match House!

Nothing compared to this: only the ones who experienced what we did are able to understand all kind of those feelings that never will leave us.

Go to the previous letter: F, from fuck.
No, man. There we made something more important than that. There we made Friends and FRIENDS to be written with capital letters.

Thanks, Jönköping!

And now, THE MATCH HOUSE PROJECT: some opinions about this magic place:

13 February 2008

Carnaval, Carnival

Hey guys!
Last Thursday night I made a Carnival party with my classmates and my Swedish friend Sarah in David's place. It was fucking great!!!

David, the black widow, got crazy! He started scaring all people in the way. He also made for us a very touching speech...

Here I leave all the pictures, all of them really cool:
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XVI Muestra de Folklore

Sé que ya hace tiempo de esto, pero como me lo habéis pedido, aquí os pongo el enlace del Festival celebrado este año el 19 de enero. En esta ocasión actuaron los grupos de Danzas de Santiago de Trobajo del Camino (León), Coros y Danzas "Francisco Salzillo" de Lorca, Coros y Danzas "Siete Coronas" de la Peña Huertana "La Crilla" de Puente Tocinos y el grupo anfitrión Coros y Danzas "San Antón" de la Peña Huertana "La Zaranda".

Para los que vayan justos de tiempo, las fotos de nuestro grupo empiezan en la página 3, pero que sepáis que hay unas cuantas, ¿eh?

Por cierto, para los que se quedaron con ganas de más, nuestra próxima actuación será en la Elección de la Reina de la Huerta 2008 el próximo 8 de marzo, en la cual también bailará la Peña "La Almazara".

Inma, no te quejes de la foto, que sales muy bien en ella.